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Luffa 角瓜 (500g±)

Luffa 角瓜 (500g±)

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Luffa, also known as angled gourd or sponge gourd, is a type of vegetable commonly used in Asian cuisine. It has a slightly sweet flavor and a crunchy texture, and can be eaten both raw and cooked.

One popular way to prepare luffa is by stir-frying it with garlic and chili, which brings out its natural sweetness and adds a bit of heat. Another common method is to stuff it with a mixture of ground pork and shrimp, then steam or simmer it in a flavorful broth.

Luffa can also be used in soups and stews, where its mild flavor and unique texture make it a great addition to any dish. Whether you're looking for a new vegetable to add to your stir-fry or a tasty ingredient for your next soup, luffa is definitely worth trying out!

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