The Company

Hey there! We're so excited to share our story with you. As cousins, we've always had a special bond over our love for amazing food. Whether it was devouring mouthwatering dishes at family gatherings or exploring the vibrant food markets together, we've always believed in the power of fresh, wholesome ingredients to bring joy and nourishment to our lives.

We're not your average grocery store founders. We're just two regular people, driven by our passion for eating and sharing the goodness of fresh produce. When we embarked on this adventure, we wanted to create something truly special - a place where anyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, could have access to delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables, and eggs.

We make sure that every item is hand-picked with love and care. We understand that not everyone can afford organic options, but that shouldn't mean compromising on quality. We've made it our mission to ensure that every piece of produce that reaches your doorstep is of the highest standard and bursting with flavor.

But our journey doesn't end there. One of the core values that drives us is compassion. We strongly believe in giving back to the community that has supported us on this amazing ride. That's why we offer free delivery to the sick, elderly, and disabled individuals in Singapore. We want to make sure that no one is left behind when it comes to accessing fresh and nutritious food. It's our small way of spreading love and nourishment to those who need it most.

Picture this: A grandmother unable to leave her home due to mobility issues, longing for the taste of a juicy, ripe mango. Or a young student recovering from an illness, yearning for a colorful array of vibrant veggies to regain strength. These stories, these real-life moments, are what fuel our passion to keep doing what we do.

We may be an online grocery store, but we're also your friends and neighbors. We want to be a part of your food journey, helping you make delicious meals, fueling your body with the nutrients it craves, and creating memories around the dining table.

So join us at IWantVeggies, where every piece of produce carries a story. We're here to make your life easier, your taste buds dance, and your heart full. Together, let's celebrate the joy of fresh and nutritious food, and let's make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

Thank you for being a part of our story. We can't wait to be a part of yours.

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