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Kang Kong 空心菜 (500G±)

Kang Kong 空心菜 (500G±)

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Kang kong, also known as water spinach or morning glory, is a popular leafy green vegetable commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. It has slender stems and leaves that are usually stir-fried or blanched, and has a slightly bitter taste that pairs well with spicy and savory dishes.

Kang kong can be used in a variety of dishes such as kang kong belacan (stir-fried kang kong with spicy shrimp paste), kang kong sambal (stir-fried kang kong with chili paste), or kang kong oyster sauce (stir-fried kang kong with oyster sauce and garlic). It is also a great addition to soups and curries.

In addition to its unique taste, kang kong is also a nutritious vegetable that is high in vitamins A and C, as well as iron and calcium. So if you're looking to add some leafy greens to your diet, consider giving kang kong a try!

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