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Hong Kong Kailan 香港芥兰 (500G±)

Hong Kong Kailan 香港芥兰 (500G±)

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Kailan, also known as Chinese kale, is a leafy vegetable commonly used in Asian cuisine. Its tender, dark green leaves and crunchy stems have a slightly bitter taste that pairs well with savory sauces and meats. Kailan can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as stir-frying, boiling, or steaming.

One popular recipe is Kailan with Oyster Sauce, where the vegetable is stir-fried with garlic and then drizzled with a mixture of oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and water. Another delicious way to enjoy kailan is in Kailan Chicken Soup, a comforting soup made with chicken broth, kailan, chicken, and mushrooms. Additionally, kailan can be used as a healthy and flavorful addition to salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

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