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Fresh Eggs 新鲜鸡蛋 30PCS (TRAY/板)

Fresh Eggs 新鲜鸡蛋 30PCS (TRAY/板)

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Country of Origin: Malaysia

Indulge in farm-fresh goodness with our 30-piece tray of premium quality eggs! Our eggs are carefully sourced from farms, ensuring freshness and flavor. With intact shells and clean appearance, our eggs are perfect for all your culinary creations.

Our 30-piece tray of eggs is ideal for professional chefs, home cooks, or businesses with high egg demand. Choose from medium, large, or extra-large sizes to suit your recipe requirements. Whip up fluffy omelettes, creamy quiches, or decadent desserts with these versatile eggs.

With great value for your money, our 30-piece tray of eggs is perfect for restaurants, bakeries, or families. Elevate your cooking with our premium quality eggs in a convenient and cost-effective tray. Experience the joy of cooking with the finest eggs and enhance your culinary creations today!


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