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Bombay Onion 红葱 (KG/公斤±)

Bombay Onion 红葱 (KG/公斤±)

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Looking for an onion with a unique taste and aroma? Our Bombay Onion is the perfect choice!

Grown with care and attention, our Bombay Onion has a distinct flavor that is both sweet and tangy. It's perfect for adding a burst of flavor to your curries, stews, and soups.

Not only does our Bombay Onion taste great, but it's also packed with nutrients that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. It's rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, fiber, and folate.

At our farm, we take pride in producing the freshest and greenest Bombay Onion possible. From seed to harvest, we ensure that every onion is of the highest quality and freshness.

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